Photographer's Comments:  
  "I've spent a quarter of a century as a professional freelance photographer - shooting mainly fashion, advertising, and fine-art - and during that time I must have worked with several hundred girls (my point being that I know a good model when I shoot with one!)

Recently, Lise-Marie contacted me, expressing an interest in an extensive project I wanted to do - so, we met for a trial shoot and, at the end of that session, I hired her for my project right there on the spot.  She was amazing! In that short trial, we shot four scenarios in four locations and it was as if I was shooting four different girls. She is incredibly versatile. Plus, I found that she is a delightful person to work with.

There are a myriad beautiful girls out there, there are many who are beautiful and intelligent, but there are few who are beautiful, intelligent and talented. However, Lise-Marie is even more of a rare find than that: she is beautiful, intelligent and extremely talented. If I want melancholy, she gives it to me; if I want sensuality, she gives it to me; if I want hate, she gives it to me.  Just like that. It's like throwing a switch. Remarkable! It makes the shoot so much easier (and cost effective) when you can work fast and get in the zone together like that. I can honestly say that Lise-Marie ranks in my top ten girls I've worked with throughout my entire professional career.

If you are a creative photographer and you want a model who can become whoever you want her to be, a model who can instantly comprehend what you're trying to achieve in your image, trust me, Lise-Marie Albisu is the model you need."

Peter Evans

I have now worked with Lise-Marie for a total of almost 120 hours and I can add to the above that I have yet to meet anyone so passionate and so completely dedicated to her craft. This girl is an absolute joy to work with.



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